Giants of the sea

Just northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula, at the end of the Caribbean Sea, where the Gulf of Mexico begins, lies the Biosphere Reserve of the Whale Sharks, the largest fish in the world. A shark that is not dangerous for humans. These plankton-eating creatures visit the area once a year in what is the largest congregation of whalesharks in the world. As they filter-feed on the surface during daytime, where plankton migrates to the upper columns of water, these giants swim opening and closing their mouths or just rest in one place munching on tiny sea creatures and eggs. 

Visiting the area requires a boat trip starting from the northern part of Cancun.  On the way you might encounter sea turtles, dolphins, flying fish, devil rays, manta rays and some bird species. When it's time, the captain and your guide will give you instructions on how to swim with these animals while being respectful and then two people at a time slide softly into the water to follow them, keeping your distance and swimming along side them without touching or getting too close. It's just so much fun! After a while, when everyone in the boat has had a chance to see the sharks, the captain will serve sandwiches and we continue to Isla Mujeres. Here you can snorkel for a bit and then enjoy the crystal clear water of Playa Norte, an amazing spot on the Caribbean Sea in Mexico. Maybe one of the best spots in this region? You can judge for yourself while having ceviche in your boat. Time to head back, full of memories and "I can't believe I did that!" thoughts.

195USD per person in group tours on specific dates

minimum 6 people

Private tours also available


  • Transportation by van with AC

  • Snacks and beverages 

  • Ceviche and sandwiches on boat

  • Life jacket and snorkel gear

  • Tax to the Biosphere Reserve

  • Boat tour to Whale Shark area and Isla Mujeres

  • Experienced guide

Schedule (approximate)

6:45/7:30 am pick up time (depends on lodging)

8:30am Boat tour

12:00am Isla Mujeres Snorkel +  Playa Norte and Ceviche

1:30pm Return to lodging