Spider Monkey Reserve and Mayan Family

$165 USD

Spider Monkey Reserve and Mayan Family

We take you to a natural protected area for spider monkeys. Activities include a Mayan Ceremony, a zipline above a lagoon, canoeing, a cenote and walking through the jungle to observe spider monkeys. We have lunch afterwards with a Mayan family and visit their unique edible gardens and their stingless melipona bee project.

After an hour and ten minute drive, we arrive at the Mayan area. Life is different here. Animals and humans have learned to share the natural surroundings and allow us to experience their culture, their ancestral heritage in the land of the deer and the currasow. After an incredible adventure, we visit the Cahum's. A real Mayan community with open doors for all of us.

521 984 139 3271 through WhatsApp or send us a message to find out more about this tour. We will send you more information and the procedure to book a tour.

Minimum 3 people.
An individual may book a group tour in the chance we have other people for that time. However, we do not guarantee the group rate if booked by less than 3 people. The price for less than 3 people is the same as the total of booking for 3 (495USD). If the group is of 7 people or more, the price drops to 145USD per person.