Sian Ka'an flotation and Private Monkey Reserve

$165 USD

Sian Ka'an flotation and Private Monkey Reserve

The Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an by Muyil, surrounded by water, used to be a part of the Ancient Mayan trade route. Get ready to be enveloped by nature in one of the largest Reserves in Mexico where we will begin in the lush jungle of the the Archeological Site of Muyil, a shaded natural with a tall canopy of Tropical Forest transitioning into a wetland area, where we then proceed on a locally man-made boardwalk, to observe wild cenotes and a wide variety of birds will cross our path along the way. There is a nice bonus at the end of the walk: an observation tower which allows us to get a bird’s-eye view of the jungle, mangrove, petens and lagoons within a several kilometer radius.

We finally arrive at a dock where we meet our captain and begin our boat ride through the rest of the reserve, crossing through natural channels, slowing down to see eye to eye with intertwining mangrove roots, also a nursery for juvenile fish and a host to many air plants such as orchids and bromeliads. Once we park the boat at a dock, we jump into one of the channels and let the natural current carry us through the mangrove tunnel. The water is fresh and not too cold, just right, and the shade of the trees is perfect and the quiet sounds of birds and water as we let go and unwind into a moving meditation. After 40 minutes floating approximately, we walk back between the savannah of Sian Ka'an and start heading back between the two lagoons. Add a cenote with monkeys in a private protected area just 5 minutes away for 10USD

To book this tour, contact us directly at (+521) 984 139 3271 through Whatsapp or leave us a message requesting to book with us. We will then send you all related information and instructions on how to book.

2 people: 175USD per person.
3 to 10 people 165USD per person
11 or + people 155USD per person