Sac Aktun Snorkel Tour


Sac Aktun Snorkel Tour

Sac Aktun is the longest flooded cave system in the world. Located just a 25 minute drive north of Tulum. This spectacular cenote, also known as Pet Cemetery, has an Oasis of incomparable beauty, speleological formations (speleothems),artificial and natural lighting, making. Divers are able to visit places like this one everywhere in the Yucatan Peninsula. This is the place for snorkelers. As we go through the cave, we can discover all sorts of shapes and colors and maybe spot some of the cave animals that have adapted to these conditions. This tour starts at 9 am or 1pm. Contact us if you need to arrange a different time and to find out more about this tour.

We include transportation starting from our meeting point at the crossroad between Coba and Tulum.

(+521) 984 139 3271 through WhatsApp or send us a message if you want to book this tour. We will send you all related information and instructions on how to book.

Minimum 3 people. An individual may book a tour in the chance we have other people for that time. However, we do not guarantee the group rate if booked by an individual. We only guarantee the group rate if 3 or more people book the tour. If you are only one person booking a private group you will be charged 240 USD.
Two people will be charged the total for 3 people or 255 USD. By booking in advance you will increase the possibility to have others booking the group tour.