Nature Nerds go to Sian Ka'an

November 9, 2019

I had a wonderuly nerdy time guiding these two fun ladies:  Annie and Selina.  We skipped and played through the ruins like kids and laughed and joked as we took selfies in front of all the cool places we visited.  I love guiding because it makes me feel renewed and brings my inner-nerd child out.  Everytime I visit the jungle, I feel as if I am visiting it for the first time, despite my speeches and talks about all the interesting things I know about and share with my tourists, I am experiencing the excitement and magic of nature right along side them.  This particular tour we visited a gorgeous cenote nearby Tulum, where we encountered a peaceful quiet morning joined by a small group of divers, but almost all alone.  We made it to the ruins of Muyil and had a nice walk under the canopy, leading us through the temples and ficus trees, following an old Sac Be (limestone roads used by the ancient Maya inside cities and connecting cities), we headed through the wetlands on a wooden boardwalk built by the people who live in the small town of Muyil today.  Then we made it to a look-out tower where we had a spectacular view of the lagoons.  It was raining when we got to the shore of the lagoon where we began our boat experience.  The captain took us through the lagoons and channels.  These channels were the waterway trade route for the Mayan and used today to explore the lagoons and savanna grass, as well as Peten islands (super unique ecosystems isolated by water, where you can find jungle, Tular grass, mangrove and palms.  A refuge for many migratory birds, reptiles and mammals of the area).  The wind in our hair through the open lagoons that came to a small whisper onces the boat entered the hallways of mangrove, where all was calm. Captain parked the boat at a dock where we jumped off and the natural cool currents of the channel carried us through a maize of mangrove, bromeliads, orchids and chirping birds, white sand under our toes and fishies hiding in the roots below, we relaxed and let go, enjoying the serenity of this special, historical, alive place.  Our tour ended with a cold beer and a whole fried fish that we shared with our awesome ex-geologist, blues-loving driver from Mexico City:  Jaime.  We had a pretty sweet trip.  Thanks girls!!


Until next time geeks!




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