Mayan Region and Spider Monkey encounter

This is one of our favorite tours in which you travel to a very special place in the heart of the Mayan jungle where you will find that communities continue to live sustainably, cooking their meals by fire, living with little or no electricity, in palapas or huts, growing their own herbs and fruits and vegetables, obtaining water from their natural wells to drink, sharing their land with Spider Monkeys and Howling monkeys as well as many other endemic wild animals of the region, hunting when necessary and permitted, carrying out ceremonies and rituals as their ancestors taught them, and now they have opened their homes and land for sustainable tourism, in order to make a living, as well as raise money to continue conservation.   These Mayan communities have made it possible for us to now experience a world very distinct from our own, where we are hand in hand with nature and grounded in our roots.

First we arrive from your hotel (about a 1.5 hour drive) to Punta Laguna, Spider Monkey Reserve and Natural Protected Area.  

The activities here include:  A Mayan Purification and Blessing Ceremony.  Next we cruise over to the lagoon or lake where we canoe over to a Zip-Line which crosses over the lagoon.  Usually after but sometimes before the zip-line we are taken by a local guide on a walk through the jungle to observe spider monkeys, possibly the lesser-social howler monkeys and bird species and whatever might grace us with their presence in the lush emerald green tropical forest. Hidden unrestored archeological sites are also to be found here.   Before departing Punta Laguna, if you like, we can jump off this really cool dock into the lagoon where we can refresh before heading to the next location.


A few villages up the road, we head over to visit a family with a private-owned Cenote called Esmeralda. This cenote has the possibility of jumping from the top. Quite an adventure.


Finally we drive a couple of minutes back to where a Mayan family lives next to a lagoon, to have traditional food and get a closer look on how the Mayans live.  The Cahum family, very good friends of ours, will give us a tour of  their land,  prepare  homemade traditional Mayan cuisine, and they will teach us how to make corn tortillas as well as allow us to make one for ourselves.  Each time I visit this magical spot, I am reminded of what a good feeling you can get from living with less material things and just how much nature can provide an entire family to live comfortably and happily.

So, if you are planning a trip to Mexico, feel free to contact me.

Dario Ferreira

CEO at Nature Geek Squad

175USD per person in group tours on specific dates

minimum 3 people

Private tours also available


  • Snacks and beverages

  • homemade Mayan lunch from the garden to your plate

  • Entrance fees

  • Tax to the Monkey Reserve

  • Equipment for the activities

  • Experienced guides

  • Round ground transportation

Schedule (approximate)

8:00/10:00 am pick up time

9:00am Spider Monkey Reserve - zipline, canoe, jungle walk, mayan ceremony

11:20am Cenote

1:00pm lunch 

3:00pm Return to van

4:30pm Return to lodging