Linda Diane Matthews

Tourguide, Translator and Teacher

Founder of Nature Geek Squad. 

"Traveling in nature, you get a whole new perspective on life and you realize we share this Earth with so many creatures and the importance of preserving their habitat for generations to come."

Dario Ferreira

Environmental Engineer and CEO at Tours in Mexico by Nature Geek Squad

Traveller and nature lover.

"I believe we can change the world if we make people fall in love with our surroundings"

Our story

The first time I visited the Riviera Maya was in 2006. I volunteered as part of a Coral and Fish research project in the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an. I had studied a degree in Environmental Biotechnology and thought I could work as such in my hometown. I struggled accepting that my job was not quite fun in health, safety and environment quality standards, as well as a being a science teacher. I liked those jobs, but I was missing one of the most important things. Wildlife and sceneries. I wanted to work at the places I loved. So I met my wife and we decided to live in Playa del Carmen. We started working as guides, since I speak several languages and always had side jobs related to environment. I was able to work in the Mayan region, spotting wildlife everywhwere, visited cenotes, Mayan ruins and snorkeling at some of the best spots. I was in love with this life. Either as a tour-guide or as an environmental engineer, I always had a cool job. But we also love traveling. In 2013, we decided to travel for a year and a half through some countries in South America, living life as locals. One of the best decisións we ever made. I can't explain how much this changed our lives. But we also realized, that we wanted to help people live out their vacations in a different way. So we started doing tours by ourselves, creating a bond with our visitors and letting them see this marvelous world through our eyes. Of course, as time went by and life changed, we realized that we were not the only ones who could provide an unforgettable experience to people visiting the area. We started working with other guides, other companies, and had some incredible experiences collaborating with individuals in ecotourism who we still recommend nowadays. Today, we have gathered so much information and have expanded our network of people and companies in the tourism industry, up to the point where we really believe we are capable of helping anyone go anywhere in Mexico. Some people just want information, others want tours, or travel by themselves. We finally can help eveyone. Our team is amazing. I can't express how much their help has made us become aware of other people's needs and desires. Our team also includes people from our network. They might not be part of us, but we know how they work and we recommend them whenever someone is looking for what they offer. We want to be able to help more people. Not just travellers, but the local guides, our Mayan friends, the people that work in environmental affairs and local businesses in and around the Riviera Maya. Captains and Co-ops in the region, who have worked with us for so long. I love you all. Finally, we want to welcome you to this family. The Nature Geek Squad family.

Soon, we will introduce you to our guides. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media posts. 

Nature Geek Squad started as a Tulum based, family tour operator, with more than 10 years of experience. Our goal is to customize experiences, activities and take our customers on tours around Mexico. Our tours include snorkeling activities, Visiting Natural protected areas, boat tours, wildlife observation, visiting cenotes, Mayan ruins and towns, culinary experiences, focused on local Mexican food, swimming with Whalesharks, turtles, dolphin observations, ziplining, jumping into cenotes, you name it. Our experience in tourism in the area allows us to customize experiences for any type of income level, physical strength, age, gender, preference, travel style and time restraint. We can help you to create the best private tour or assess you on how to travel on a budget through our travellers guidance or concierge service and assistance... Our tour guides are very knowleadgeable and experienced and always ready to show you an amazing time in nature!

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