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Visit us in Tulum, located the Riviera Maya, just fifty minutes south of Playa del Carmen and an hour thirty from Cancun.


 The Riviera Maya is one of the most visited places in Latin America, in the southeastern tip, in the Yucatan Peninsula. An extraordinary place, surrounded by white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, coral reefs and islands. Since its main rock composition is limestone, it is also full of caves and Cenotes. These limestone sinkholes, filled with crystal clear fresh water covering Karst cave formations, considered sacred for our Mayan ancestors, are nowadays visited by thousands of people every year, due to their unique beauty. 

As part of the Mayan Region, the old Mayan cities are some of the most impressive and can be seen during our tours, as well as modern Mayan villages where families living in huts  carry out ongoing traditions while living in a sustainable way in the Yucatan jungle.   

Nature Geek Squad offers you an exclusive, local experience, with Professional Nature Geeks as your private tour guides who are very knowledgeable of the region's hidden attractions and ready to unveil nature's secrets.  


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